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Sunny Boom play game
Sunny Boom
Sunny Boom is a smart casual game based on physics! Use various physical objects and help the Sun to...
Timemu play game
Timemu is setting out on an odyssey through time to find his family a new home. Split the emu into d...
Da Vinci Cannon play game
Da Vinci Cannon
Similar to Crush the Castle, but your weapon is a cannon instead of a trebuchet. Adjust the angle an...
Ricochet Kills 2 play game
Ricochet Kills 2
Ricochet kills is back with an all new version, kill all the enemies by making a perfect angle. This...
Crush The Castle 2 play game
Crush The Castle 2
Fling rocks and bombs at the castle in this new version of the action physics game! Upgrade your wea...
Perfect Balance 3 play game
Perfect Balance 3
Time to drop, stack and balance shapes again in the new part of the physics engine based puzzle game...
Catch The Star 2 play game
Catch The Star 2
Fling objects as you collect the stars on the screen. Each level must be completed with a limited nu...
Rotate and Roll play game
Rotate and Roll
Your goal here is to rolls the ball to the exit bubble to progress to the next level. Collect the co...
Construction Fall play game
Construction Fall
Make sure the construction crashes under the target line. You can use the balls only once. Set the a...
Hold Your Ground play game
Hold Your Ground
Play hold your ground arcade game and lay down castle fortifications to protect his royal highness a...
King of Shapes play game
King of Shapes
The King of Shapes enjoys bantering his servants. Help him out in this brand new physics-puzzler! Fi...
Slicerix play game
submitted by: Zoki Your task in this tricky physics puzzle game is to slice ob...
Rescue a Chicken play game
Rescue a Chicken
An absolutely charming and captivating physics game about baby chickens. Find out how to manipulate ...
Bazooki play game
Welcome to Bazooki, a physics based puzzle shooter where players need to blow up all the barrels in ...
Building Blaster 2 play game
Building Blaster 2
Place bombs and tools to blast the buildings to clear the red zones. Use timing to your advantage an...
Wake The Royalty 2 play game
Wake The Royalty 2
All the royal family is back with brand new levels! Use wooden blocks to make constructions that wil...
Truck Mania play game
Truck Mania
Drive your truck through the dangerous levels and deliver your cargo. Your task in this skill-racing...
Banana Foot play game
Banana Foot
Arrange springs, bumpers and other tools to guide Mr. Eyeball to the goal in each stage. Try to coll...
Let It Glow play game
Let It Glow
Your task is to link the 2 energy sources and light the bulb by removing other objects from the scre...
Shrink It 2 play game
Shrink It 2
Shrink It Falling is the sequel to Shrink It, a physics-based puzzle game where your goal is to shri...
Dummy Never Fails play game
Dummy Never Fails
Launch the crash test dummy from your cannon in this physics based skill game while you try to touch...
Castle Fight play game
Castle Fight
Protect your castle from invading enemies by building your own castle structure from blocks and ston...
Destroy the Village play game
Destroy the Village
It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets. A very addictive...
Totem Breaker play game
Totem Breaker
Drop bombs and rockets to eliminate the totems of the enemy Coco-do-do tribe and set your land free....
Shape Shape play game
Shape Shape
In this physics skill game you have to fling your shape through various levels. You produce a shock ...
Flaming Zombooka play game
Flaming Zombooka
A physics game for real men, take your bazooka and wipe out the zombie hordes in this gory ragdoll b...
Lofty Tower play game
Lofty Tower
Use all the shapes per level to stack up and reach the required height without tipping them over. Th...
Cover Orange Player Pack play game
Cover Orange Player Pack
Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain! Build a structure with various b...
Connect It play game
Connect It
Connect the chains to make the machine work! Build your own motor with an assortment of gears. This ...
Demolition Dude play game
Demolition Dude
Destroy buildings using your head! In this physics block destruction game, you get to throw a little...
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