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Tetri Tower play game
Tetri Tower
Play Tetri Tower game and stack blocks of tetri as high as you can, try to reach the achievement hei...
Seabed Cleaner play game
Seabed Cleaner
Place objects on the anchor or hook in each level so that no items touch the sea floor for a certain...
Under The Sands play game
Under The Sands
Control your paddle and destroy all of the ancient blocks before the pharaoh awakens! Catch the powe...
Totem Destroyer 2 play game
Totem Destroyer 2
The long-awaited sequel to Totem Destroyer is here! Destroy blocks and use the black platforms to sa...
Wake Up The Box play game
Wake Up The Box
Wake up box in this physics puzzle game. Use various material to hit the box and interrupt his slumb...
Roly Poly Cannon play game
Roly Poly Cannon
Roly Poly Cannon 2 is back with twice as many levels! This time there are good and evil roly polys. ...
Roly Poly Eliminator play game
Roly Poly Eliminator
Eliminate all the evil roly polys, but do not harm the innocent roly polys! Destroy the shiny blocks...
Big and Small play game
Big and Small
Physics-based platformer of skill and logic. Smart and funny yogi tries to return happiness and harm...
Fox n Roll play game
Fox n Roll
Help the smiley to reach the happy fox so they can be together in this physics based removal game. R...
Perfect Balance 2 play game
Perfect Balance 2
Rotate and stack shapes, once more, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! There...
Roly Poly Monsters play game
Roly Poly Monsters
Get rid of the evil monsters who have changed town into a dark and scary place. Blow them up using y...
Blosics play game
Destruction of structures made of blocks. All in accordance with the laws of physics. Use the metal ...
Haystax play game
Your task in this silly physics-based skill game is to kick your sheep at the haystacks and try to k...
99 Bricks play game
99 Bricks
Use the available bricks to build towers that meet certain requirements. Earn as much gold as possib...
Splitter play game
A physics-based puzzle game in which you have to guide your character to the goal by cutting wooden ...
Fantastic Contraption play game
Fantastic Contraption
A physics based puzzle game in the vein of The Incredible Machine. Use the building materials availa...
Boombot 2 play game
Boombot 2
Boombot is back! Use bombs to blast the indestructible robot through 50 new physics-based levels. Us...
Water Werks play game
Water Werks
Control a hose and rescue multi-colored blobs in this water-based physics game. Spray various object...
Demolition City play game
Demolition City
Demolish structures by sticking your dynamite on the concrete blocks. Place the dynamite in such a w...
Demolition City 2 play game
Demolition City 2
Demolition City is back with more buildings and new types of explosives to blow them up with. Use yo...
Super Stacker play game
Super Stacker
Stack the shapes provided in each stage to create a structure that will last for 10 seconds without ...
Super Stacker 2 play game
Super Stacker 2
Here comes 40 new stages of Super Stacker, divided into four difficulty levels. There's also a stack...
Zoo Transport play game
Zoo Transport
Transport the animals! Help the penguin transport Company to carry all animals to the next zoo. This...
Totem Destroyer play game
Totem Destroyer
A physics-based puzzle game with 25 levels. Destroy the required number of blocks in each level with...
Wake The Royalty play game
Wake The Royalty
Everyone is sleeping in the kingdom. Wake up all the royal family in this physics game of balance an...
Assembler play game
Assembler is a new physics based wonder where you move some depository equipment to get your preciou...
Penguin Destroyer play game
Penguin Destroyer
Adjust the detonation time of grenades and shoot them from your cannon to eliminate the evil penguin...
Mini Train play game
Mini Train
Guide your train safely through 24 levels in this physics-based game. Position the shapes in each le...
Blosics 2 play game
Blosics 2
Different sized ammo pellets cost you more points, and the more blocks you can knock off the screen,...
Mining Truck play game
Mining Truck
Mining Truck is a fun game in which you are playing the role of a truck driver, your aim is to colle...
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